Q Surface

Innovative technology in flattening of steel sheets, implemented thanks to application of results of the research conducted by the Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, allows us to offer products in super flatness (marked with "Q Surface" symbol in our nomenclature).

Thanks to application of:

  • special multilevel construction of of flattening rolls (a set of two mating 6-steps of height flattening device,
    with flattening rolls supported by full rolls which are positioned on supports),
  • precise control of the pull between rewinder and flattening device and among the flattening devices,
  • unique world class packing system (non-contact stacking of cut sheets with the option of foiling),

we eliminate totally the risk of unevenness, deformations, over-waves, traces of flattening tools and surface scratches on manufactured products.


Grades: Blachy aluminiowe
Blachy stalowe powlekane metalicznie
Blachy stalowe powlekane organicznie
Sheet thickness: 0,5 – 4,0 mm
Width scope: 50 – 1600 mm
Length scope: 100 – 4500 mm
Width standard tolerance: TAK
Ideal flatness: TAK

Products with Q Surface mark represent the highest possible to attain level of quality and are dedicated to most demanding Customers.